How Entertainment Industry will Change in the Next Few Years?

Walking back home daily, I start sorting the things I want to watch today. Even when I am folding laundry, cooking or just completing my household chores, I have my favorite shows playing in the background. I am sure I am not the only one. I have seen other people doing the same. Especially people who live alone and need some background noise, simply play their favorite shows in the background.

a remote control sitting in front of a television

This has been a norm very long. Just a decade ago when content streaming sites were not very common, people would streamline their daily routines around the TV schedule.

If you want to watch a new episode of your favorite show, you have to clear your schedule. People would make sure to stay home so they can watch their favorite team play. People would stay up late, sit through long commercial breaks, or just plan their days based on the shows they want to watch. Viewers would clear up just because a famous show was airing.

Soon the era of content streaming began. Thanks to the interest and on-the-go watch platforms, people started switching to cable TV plans that included some on-the-go watch shows. Now, we have come to a point where people do not have to skip family dinners or family time because they have to watch their favorite shows.

Moreover, cable TV companies are becoming more aware of this phenomenon leading to a few adjustments that can help people enjoy their time in a much better way. Big brands like Optimum are especially focusing on revamping and upgrading their packages to make them more affordable and adding, more features to maximize value. If you are currently seeking a good cable TV package, you should visit Optimum Cable Packages because they have something in store for every individual, which makes the packages one of the best in the market.

Top 4 Upcoming Trends in the Entertainment Industry

1.    Maximum Interactivity

Very recently, Netflix released an interactive movie where users can select the ending and make choices. This movie was a perfect mix between gaming and entertainment. The movie became a hit and was trending within a day. Experts believe that the future of entertainment lies in interactive shows and movies. From choosing the storyline to customizing the characters and hiring your favorite people to play these characters with AI, the day will come when viewers will have the reigns of content.

2.    Use of AI

AI has taken the world by storm. It is becoming the biggest contributor in the tech industry right now. You can write complicated codes, and content, design things within seconds, or print a home if you want. Moreover, AI is now helping writers with creative tasks to keep the viewers entertained. The most fun part of using AI is that the viewer will be able to give prompts to the AI and generate a whole movie, concept, music album, or TV series with the help of AI.

3.    More Control

For most of our lives, we have seen boring stories stretching up to ten seasons. This was a very common trend just a few years ago. A strong start, followed by boring seasons and some extremely disappointing endings, you can whip out any show and you will see the same pattern. In the coming years, more content-based platforms will attach social platforms so viewers can rate the shows, offer comments, or kick out shows. This feature is available on multiple platforms but there is no comment section yet. However, in the coming years, this will become a very common practice for content sites.

4.    Customized Payment Plans

Currently, most cable companies, content streaming sites, and channels have their packages. These packages have a fixed price and include specific features. No matter your choice and interest, you have to select the same boring plans and pay for them as well. However, it is expected that in the future, people can fully customize their cable and content plans based on their needs. From online content streaming websites to cable TV packages, every platform will offer buying and unlocking options.

What is going out Of Style?

Just when most of the latest technology is about to become mainstream, it seems that old trends in the entrainment industry will soon become extinct. Some of the main things that will soon go out of style include:

Lengthy Commercial Breaks

Lengthy commercials and the bane of every viewer’s existence. Most people have already switched to content streaming sites for the commercial-less experience. In the future, commercial breaks will extinct completely.

Channel Bundles

Right now, companies have very specific cable channel plans. You get 100+ channel plans and if you want to add a channel of your choice, you need to upgrade. This trend will no longer exist in the future, as most entertainment companies will roll out per-channel subscription plans.

One TV Cable Plan

Most of the cable companies offer just one TV cable plan. This means that if you want to go watch your show on another TV, you need to pay per device. This trend will soon go extinct because it is ineffective and it is a leading reason behind cord cord-cutting trend.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, the future of entrainment is very bright thanks to AI, AR, and VR experience. With the help of these upcoming technologies, people will be able to have better control over the content; they will be able to save more money while having a much better and customized content plan.

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