Chromecast Audio LED Colors – Explained

The Chromecast Audio is an old product from Google that plugs into your home stereo system and allows you to stream music from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your speakers.

Chromecast Audio LED Colors

If you are having any issues with the device, the small LED indicator that it has will show you the state of the device in various colors. These colors indicate different states of the device.

Today, we will be explaining what these colors mean and how to tell if you are having any problems with the device. 

Chromecast Audio LED Colors – What They Mean

Here is a list of the different colors that you could encounter as well as what they mean.

Chromecast Audio Solid White Light

When the device is plugged into the audio system, the Chromecast Audio Solid White Light will light up to indicate that the device is ready to cast content.

It will also show as white during streaming.

When this light is on, you know that the Chromecast Audio is in good shape. You can enjoy music and other media content from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your speakers.

Chromecast Audio Solid Orange Light

This light indicates that the Chromecast Audio is in trouble and needs to be rebooted. If you are seeing this color, you need to connect your Chromecast Audio to another power source to restart it.

If you can’t access the device after a reboot, please send a support ticket to us at [email protected].

Chromecast Audio Blinking Orange Light

A flashing orange light indicates that it is currently being updated.

It is highly important that you do not disconnect the Chromecast from its power source while it is updating. If you do, it could end up bricked and not be able to be used.

If you experience problems with your Chromecast after an update, you will need to perform a full factory reset

Chromecast Audio Blinking White Light

If the LED is flashing white, it means that it is not connected to any devices.

Try running the setup again to fix this.

Chromecast Audio No Light

If the light is not shining at all, then this means that it is not being powered. Check to make sure that the power cord is connected and that the switch is in the “on” position.

If you are using a wall charger, make sure that it is plugged into an outlet. If it still does not work, try plugging it into a different wall socket.

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